Welcome to Higgskorea!

Higgskorea was founded in 2018, South Korea. Over the years we have overcome challenges and have grown into a company which connects to the global trading market. We focus on international trading for a variety of building materials namely ABS plastics, ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel), PC sheets (Polycarbonate) and so on. We are experienced in connecting with manufacturers to export high quality products to our overseas buyers especially in US.

Besides international trading, we also play a role in domestic business such as small electronic home products and total pet care solutions. We believe this is an era of smart living. Smart devices, gadgets and automation service improves our quality of life. Our core value is to light up the future by introducing innovative technologies and intelligent products to both domestic and global market.

Going forward, there might be more challenges and trials we have to face. Our team is prepared in devoting more effort and energy to meet the evolving customer needs in this ever-changing world. Your continuous support is definitely vital in making Higgskorea succeed along this journey.

Wish you endless glory and development. Thank you.

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