We aim at providing guaranteed quality products to consumers by directly planning and developing products from the users' point of view, selecting and testing product materials. We also directly manage the production process, minimize unnecessary costs and target to set a more reasonable price for our products.

We found an opportunity and the increasing needs for pet care products and services these years. Hence Higgskorea launched our brand “Feeding’s” to provide a total pet care solution to satisfy the market needs with our technology and experience. Feeding’s Pet Care Brush is our first introducing product in this project. It is a self-developed product produced by a domestic factory, so all products can be inspected and repaired in Korea, and reliable after-sales service can be provided.

Feeding’s Care Brush is to protect pets’ hair from tangling by trimming, to keep our furry friends’ hair and skin healthy and pretty. Unlike the usual grooming brush, by using this care brush, tangles and loose hair can be removed with minimal effort. In the meantime, the LED light emitted from the brush helps to soothe and improve the skin condition of pets.

Product specifications:
Model Number FDS-CB001
Size (mm) 68L x 113W x 61.5H
Weight (g) 117
Color Mint, Pink, Purple, Yellow
Material ABS(plastic), Silicon, Polycarbonate
Usage Time Minimum 3.5hours
Charging Time Approx. 1.5 hours
Operating Mode 3-stage light intensity control
Light Intensity Mode1: Weak / Mode2: Moderate / Mode3: Strong
Output 1.1W
Charging Terminal USB Type-C
Input 5V 1A (5V(9V, 15V) 1 – 3A compatible)
Battery Specification Li-ion 18650-3.7V 1200mAh
Battery Lifespan Full charge 500 times or more
  • LED light care

    By delivering nature-friendly near-infrared light (630nm LED) deep to the hair root, it is able to manage skin care for pets, and able to improve the quality of their hair. The intensity of LED light is adjustable in terms of three stages according to the pet’s condition. By pressing the power button, light intensity can easily be controlled under,
    *Mode 1 - Weak / Mode 2 - Moderate / Mode 3 - Strong.

  • Massage effect

    The hard material inner brush bristles with triple protrusion design and the outer 144 silicone protrusions remove foreign substances from every corner and make it easy to brush the tangled hairs. This helps prevent the pets from suffering skin diseases and helps to produce healthy hair. In addition, it maximizes the blood circulation and massage effects by stimulating the skin of pets.

  • User-friendly design

    Ergonomic design without burden on the wrist. It is a size that even small hands can hold in one hand. The grip is comfortable and stable with non-slip surface treatment. It was developed through numerous tests to find the best grip without any discomfort, even in a variety of pet positions.
    *Last but not least, it features a cute design in the shape of a cat’s paw!






표면 처리 공정 흐름

내열성 및 내충격성은 양호하지만 표면 긁힘에 약한 Lens 표면에 아크릴계의 도료를 부착

증착 공정은 플라스틱 사출물에 얇게 알루미늄 코팅을 하여 전기적, 광학적, 외관 및 물리적 성능(마모성, 부식성)을 개선하는 공정을 말합니다.

  • 증착할 소재의 표면 Cleaning
  • 소재 증착면의 평활도 확보 및 부착력 향상
  • 10E-4Torr 이상의 진공에서 증발원으로 부터 물질을 가열 증발 또는 Sputtering을 통하여 소재 위에 응축시켜 박막을 형성하는 공법입니다.