Based on market experience and observation, we analyzed the products of various competitors' hand warmers in the market at that time. We always considered the convenience of users first, such as installing a large-capacity battery and configuring the three-stage heat setting by supplementing the durability and user-friendly aspects of existing products. As a result, Higgskorea's unique detachable electronic 2-in-1 Dual Hand Warmer, which can keep "both hands" warm for a long time even in cold weather, has released by self-designed and developed. We are confident that our product is one of the most competitive rechargeable hand warmers in the current market.

In addition, in 2021, our Dual Hand Warmer was transformed into a more advanced and durable product by upgrading that improved charging and heating functions. And sales grew rapidly in the domestic market by introducing new trendy colors. Higgskorea's hand warmer has become an indispensable popular necessity item among local Koreans in winter.

Product specifications:
Model Number F2-W60000S
Size (mm) 100.6L x 57.6W x 26H
Weight (g) 165
Color Dark Green, Slate Rose
Materials Polycarbonate, Aluminum
Usage Time Approx. 4-7 hours
Charging Time Approx. 4 hours
Operating Mode 3-stage temperature control
Operating Temperature Mode1: 42°C±3°C / Mode2: 46°C±3°C / Mode3: 51°C±3°C
Output (Max) Total 12W (Double-sided heat)
Charging Terminal USB Type-C
Input 5V 2A
Battery Specification Li-ion 18650-3.6V 6,000mAh (3,000mAh for each)
Battery Lifespan Full charge 500 times or more
  • Unique flexible detachable 2-in-1 design

    It can be separated into two. The two are attached by magnetic charging terminals. User can split them into two hand warmers to share with others, or keep them in each pocket to warm both hands.
    *Each has a power button, battery and heat level indicator lamp, so you can use each device freely.

  • Quick heating & 3 heating settings

    Heats up fast in 3 seconds. It only takes 50 seconds to reach the maximum temperature. Double-sided heating up to 51°C / 123.8°F in average, 3 heat settings, adjustable according to user preferred warmth. The battery and heat level LED indicator lamp will show the selected thermal setting and remaining battery.

  • 6,000mAh large battery capacity

    Rechargeable 6,000mAh Li-ion battery provides up to 7 hours of long-lasting and reliable warmth. Chargeable via USB Type-C in a stylish design aluminum body. When charging, attach both sides and connect USB to the body with a charging terminal to charge both.

  • Safe materials

    Made of high-tech aircraft grade aluminum and ABS materials. (Anti-scaldi, anti-skid, explosion-proof, radiation-free)

  • Portable and handy

    Sleek, compact design with smooth and comfortable texture. Handy with a size suitable for both hands. Perfect to carry in any pocket or bag while sports, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing or any other outdoor activities in cold season, and warm hands quickly. Storage pouch included.


Slate Rose

Dark Green

표면 처리 공정 흐름

내열성 및 내충격성은 양호하지만 표면 긁힘에 약한 Lens 표면에 아크릴계의 도료를 부착

증착 공정은 플라스틱 사출물에 얇게 알루미늄 코팅을 하여 전기적, 광학적, 외관 및 물리적 성능(마모성, 부식성)을 개선하는 공정을 말합니다.

  • 증착할 소재의 표면 Cleaning
  • 소재 증착면의 평활도 확보 및 부착력 향상
  • 10E-4Torr 이상의 진공에서 증발원으로 부터 물질을 가열 증발 또는 Sputtering을 통하여 소재 위에 응축시켜 박막을 형성하는 공법입니다.