Polycarbonate Sheet

PC(Polycarbonate) is an engineering thermoplastics which is a featured by impact resistance, *thermal resistance, self-extinguishing, and transparency, has impact strength by about 150 times or more than reinforced glass, better flexibility and processing performance and is used as an alternative to readily breakable and deformable acryl and a supplement to general plate glass.
*Did you know that producers manufacture about one billion kilograms of PC annually? In fact, engineers actually prefer using PC due to its fire-resistant properties.

Polycarbonate sheet is applicable to various fields as a new construction material and is possible to be coated with fluoro resin to increase durability and prevent yellowing. PC also has a high heat deflection temperature which absorbs very little moisture.

Polycarbonate makes it ideal material for transparent structural application, machine guards, signs, architectural glazing, face shields, PPE, skylights and POP displays. It is also easy to fabricate, machine, and thermoform. With these properties, PC is one of the most versatile glazing materials to use onsite because it can be cut from flat sheets or cold-formed into curves.
*The bending and cutting do not affect the UV properties of clear polycarbonate.

When it comes to versatility in plastic sheeting, polycarbonate sheets take the prize. Higgskorea offers a variety of enhanced UV-resistant polycarbonate sheet with exceptional weatherability & resistant to scratches. So, our polycarbonate sheet is the perfect materials to use for outdoor-facing applications, especially those in direct sunlight.

In addition to solid polycarbonate sheets, we can provide
Multiwall PC, Master Batch Diffusion Panel, LED Lighting or Advertising Lighting Diffusion Panel, and PC Film in various types, colors and specifications. Please inquire us to learn more about the PC product that will best fit your project needs.

Type Solid, Light diffuser, Multiwall
Thickness(mm) 1.0 ~ 25.0
Size(mm) Width: Up to 2,600
Length: Can be manufactured according to customer's request.
Color Clear, White, Light green, Green, Sky blue, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Red, Smoke, Black
Surface Smooth, Embossed, Gloss, Matte, Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
(Clear polycarbonate plastic comes in a variety of finishes to meet your unique and stringent needs.)
>*Please contact us for more information (thickness, size, color, surface, etc.) of products.
  • Material which is light and with impact resistance
  • Excellent insulation and electrical insulation
  • Excellent durability, waterproof and UV protection function
  • Amazing thermal shielding effect
  • Not flammable(self-extinguishing)
  • Durable with excellent thermal and coldness resistance
  • Flexible with various forms and functions
  • High visibility with clear and beautiful surface gloss
  • Installation cost saving
  • High clarity and light transmission
  • Easy to machine, handle, and install





Light green


Sky blue







Due to the transparent nature of polycarbonate sheets, you can use them in many different ways. For easy modeling and thermoform, polycarbonate is a popular option. The unique resin code contains balanced optical properties. Builders and those doing home improvement projects can use polycarbonate plastic as a commodity plastic, as well as an engineered plastic.

  • Roofing, Building outer walls, Soundproofing walls ,Connected routes
  • Indoor and Outdoor signboards(Advertisement display, Nameplates), POP displays
  • Greenhouses, Stall, Aquarium
  • Flowerpots, Tree protection frames, Barricades
  • Vending machine, Telephone booth, Partition
  • Architectural glazing, Skylights, Blind
  • Machine guards, Face shields, PPE, Floodlight cover
  • Electronic parts, TV, Computer, Mobile phone LCD, Touch panel, Dial plate
  • Vacuum molding, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Toy cover